Heeduser – helping businesses manage their brand image

HeeduserHeeduser is a web app that allows businesses to manage their brands, by providing their consumers a platform where they can put their questions, suggestions, complaints and any kind of feedback for the company. For consumers, it works as a public community where individuals can vote and discuss about companies.

The portal offers a 30 days free trial period for businesses to test it out. As soon as a business signs up to get a community page, Heeduser generates a link which can directly be shared with the users. Businesses can also generate a plug-in widget embedded on their site, for easy usability. Heeduser’s subscription is priced at USD 20 per month.

“At Heeduser, we believe a quality product with low price always wins. We are planning to market Heeduser via social medias, blogs, B2B business listings, and e-contact.” says Santosh Anandarama, founder at Heeduser, who is a software development professional with over 5 years of experience.

He started working on it in April and put the website live on 19 September. The startup has not taken a rigorous step towards marketing its product yet. It is planning another release with new features in next few days time and will then be in full fledged marketing. So far Heeduser has over 50 communities and 100+ users.

Heeduser has been designed to target any kind of business. All B2B and B2C organizations can use Heeduser and as its all about feedback and idea sharing, it offers companies a useful platform to know about their consumer markets.

Talking of its competitors, Getsatisfaction, Userecho and UserVoice are few other platforms working close to Heeduser. However according to Ananda, their pricing model, simplicity and a wide range of feature set is what differ Heeduser from them.

Currently bootstrapped, the startup isn’t looking for any outside funding at this moment. “Developing did not cost much for us, since we are less people and the major input to Heeduser was our brain, effort and time.” claims Ananda.

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