Guardian App – Keeping a virtual eye on the children

BeLuvvA child’s safety is of the utmost priority to the parents. There are several GPS trackers in the market who offer the parents some peace of mind. BeLuvv is a company who is soon going to release its bluetooth-assisted Guardian app, which lets parents monitor their children easily outdoors, particularly in crowded spaces.

The guardian consists on a small wearable tag that has a Bluetooth chip inside it. The tag could be worn as an accessory by kids as a necklace ,bracelet, belt buckle and so on. The parents could then keep a track on their children using the Guardian mobile app. Bluetooth consumes less power than GPS and doesn’t require a direct view of the sky.

The parents could set a safety zone of radius 0 – 230ft. They will get an alert if the child reaches too close to the perimeter. They could also add trusted neighbours and relatives to the list of people who can access their children’s location.

Since around 8 million children go missing every year, the company’s goal is to sell 16 million units, so it can donate 8 million to needy parents and children, BeLuvv’s co-founder Chen said: “We believe that the more we sell, the more good we should do for society.”

The emergency search is another notable feature of this device. If a child goes beyond the signal’s reach, an emergency search will be activated automatically, notifying members of the global guardian network to help find that child. If the child is near another guardian app user, the parents will automatically get notified.

Although GPS trackers have a greater range and are more commonly used. Guardian could be an alternative for easy short distance tracking.

The portable device is made out of non-toxic materials and is comfortable for the child to wear. And the app is currently available for iOS devices only, but the company says it will be out for other operating systems soon. The device could be pre-ordered for USD 24.95, the company will start rolling it out by the end of this month.

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