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Google to protect free expression online – what is the deal ?

Google-LogoGoogle Inc has recently announced “Project Shield”, an initiative by the company that provides a shield to the new businesses and human rights groups to protect their websites that might otherwise have be prone to “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks.

The project is likely to offer help to the kind of sites that – before this project – had been taken down by the likes of governments and unfriendly hacker groups.

Google will use its tech-capabilities “to protect free expression online”. The service currently combines Google’s DDoS mitigation technologies and Page Speed Service (PSS), which allow websites to serve their content through Google to be better protected from DDoS attacks.

Currently, the initiative is in a closed, testing phase, so interested parties will need to hit on the link for an invite. “We’re currently inviting webmasters serving independent news, human rights, and elections-related content to apply to join our next round of trusted testers” announced Google.

Alongside the anti-DDoS tools, Google also released a digital attack map that visualizes the DDoS attacks around the globe. Moreover, the company has introduces uProxy, a peer to peer gateway for free Internet connection – that lets users in web-censored countries browse the Internet without limitations. So for example if a user from a country with limited Internet access installs uProxy, he/she can get a friend from the US to authorize them to surf the open web using their connection.

With Google trying its best to offer users the freedom of speech online in every part of the world – without any governmental control, it seems pretty unlikely that Google would do such a thing without any reason.

Besides working for a social cause, ‘making money’ seems a possible aspect of these projects – as the company mentioned that its Project Shield which relies of free of charge PSS, might include a fees in future – its pretty hard to guess the ultimate goal behind these two projects.

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