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Google Maps just got more travel friendly

google-map-featureIn May this year Google Maps had changed its user interface on both its website and the mobile app to alter the whole map experience. And now it has launched an update, which is surely going to give a lot of competition to other map and travel app providers. The whole map is interactive now. It supports features like getting directions for multiple destinations, viewing upcoming events and checking travel reservations.

While travelling across a country or just a state, one can plot multiple destinations for the trip easily. This is done by the usual way of setting the starting and ending points followed by clicking ‘+’ and adding stops to the route by typing in the search box or clicking on the map. This is even useful when you are going out to do some chores, and you need to plan in which order you need to different places.


Most of the travel websites and apps offer users an option to view popular tourist spots and make an organised list of places they want to visit, now Google does that too. Tourists can choose the museums, historic squares and other attractions by dragging and dropping the destinations in the order that works for them. To explore a place, Maps offer Street View, Photo Tours, and other imagery.


One thing we liked about the new preview is that when we selected two distant states across country for directions, it suggested us to take a flight along with different airlines offering it.

They have a related new feature (currently in US) where one can view all the flights and hotels reservations, it is similar to Google Search.  Having all the stuff in one place makes it easier to manage appointment details and plan the commute. This itinerary feature is supported by a selected apps too, but adding this to Google Maps is heating things up.

The new preview update has an option to view a list of events happening in places around you. Click on a venue you want to check out and it’ll show a card with a schedule of concerts, sports matches, and other events.

Currently all these features are available in the preview mode, Google is asking for user feedbacks to make any other requested changes. There is a very good possibility that as the company continues adding new features in this category, many people might shun the niche travel apps and websites that are available across various app stores. Although, Google maps is the ultimate mapping destination for some people it still doesn’t support the major feature of offline maps like companies like Sygic offer.

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