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Google building floating data centers?

Google-LogoSearch engine giant Google is said to be working on developing floating data centers. According to reports, a floating multi-story structure on a vessel moored was spotted in San Francisco city’s Treasure Island.

CNET who first reported about the this says that as per the locals its some kind of secret project and also states that Google is the entity that is building the massive structure that’s in plain sight, but behind tight security.

The structure said to be have four stories and is made with a series of modern cargo containers, and is about 250 feet (76 metres) long, 72 feet (21 metres) wide and 16 feet (4.8 metres) deep.

Google had already patented a water based data center design in 2009, and now the company seems like working on that design.

“The system includes a floating platform-mounted computer data center comprising a plurality of computing units, a sea-based electrical generator in electrical connection with the plurality of computing units, and one or more sea-water cooling units for providing cooling to the plurality of computing units.”

Last year a company named By and Large LLC took a lease on Hanger 3 on Treasure Island and began with the project. Later whatever was under construction in the area outside Hangar 3 was  moved to a floating barge alongside the pier adjacent to the property.

As per reports, the phone number which is associated with the company redirects to an inactive line at Google, and people with Google badges have also been seen visiting a cafe on the island and paying with Google branded credit cards.

All these depicts a Google connection with the floating barge i.e. data center.

As per reports, a structure which was spotted in the harbor in Portland, Maine might also be another floating data center on which search giant would be working on.

According to the online documents, both are owned by By and Large, LLC. Adding on, the Treasury Island structure is barge with the registration “BAL 0010,” and the other one at Portland harbor is on a barge with the registration “BAL 0011.”

Both have similar structures, CNET says that, “the structures on both barges appear to be made from a number of shipping containers, many of which have small slats for windows, and each has one container that slants down to ground level at a 45-degree angle.”

Iamwire Take: Well Google is yet to respond on the same, but high five to the tech giant if it is developing these kind of structures, though it’s not the first time Google has brought these kind of innovative projects, we have already seen its Project Loon which it launched this year for providing Internet access via balloons; and it was even seen bringing WiFi networks across Africa and Asia, using high-altitude balloons and blimps.

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