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Google, Aramex, Paypal and ShopGo team up to boost online retail in the Middle East and Mobile continue to grow and so does eCommerce across the globe. From western markets it is now successfully making stories in the other countries with increasing penetration of online population. A lot of fund infusion, involvement of big ventures and companies, highlight eCommerce is indeed a big global opportunity, and is constantly changing the way the world shops.

The Middle East and North Africa region, where out of 110 Mn internet users, 30 Mn are already shopping online, is expected to be a USD 15 Bn online shopping market by 2015, and is now going to get some big support from the tech giants.

Google alongwith online payment company Paypal, logistics provider Aramex and ShopGo has recently launched a new platform called EZStore aimed to help SMEs in the Middle East and the North Africa region to bring their businesses online and expand their sales channels through the web.

Termed as a “minimum risk online store” or a one-stop shop by its creators, EZStore will be run by Jordanian startup called ShopGo, which provides offline businesses to build their online stores and customize them based on a number of themes and templates.

Retailers who avails to build a store via EZstore will get a USD 100 discount on Aramex logistics, with further competitive rates, a USD 300 credit on Google AdWords, along with 13 weeks of dedicated Google support for new campaigns, and three months of transactions on PayPal free of charge.

The cost also has been left by the company as USD 650 which is quitely a less as compared to what ShopGo usually charges for its services.

To start with, only those retailers will be able to use the service who have a trade licence in the United Arab Emirates, but for future the company aims to expand around the rest of the Persian Gulf region, and around the whole Middle East as well.

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