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Google announces Chromebook 11 for USD 279 in partnership with HP

hp-google“Made with Google. For everyone.” that is what Google is saying about the new member in its family of notebooks. Chromebook 11 has been launched by HP at an affordable price of USD 279. It is a small and light laptop packed with all the necessary features for everyday use.

HP Chromebook 11 performs all the basic functions of a fully loaded laptop, with an easy portability of a tablet. Like other notebooks in this line, this too heavily relies on the Internet to run most of its functions. However one can download apps to work offline. It has a 2GB RAM and just 16GB of internal memory, as it mainly stores all the data in the cloud storage. The users get an extra 100 GB Google Drive storage free for two years.

The battery has a 6 hours of active use time when unplugged. One interesting feature of this laptop is that it has a micro USB charging point, it means that it uses the same charger as most Android phones.

This laptop is perfect for those who need a portable device just for web browsing, listening to music, video chatting etc. It can’t run sophisticated softwares like Adobe Photoshop, MS Office etc. but the basic their functioning is supported by online softwares including Google Drive, yet serious designers, gamers and business professionals need not look here.

With an exception of Google’s high end notebook Chromebook Pixel, which was released for USD 1299 in February 2013, all the other laptops were released at a low price to make them affordable for a majority of people. As per a report by Bloomberg, research and analytics company NPD Inc. says that this year Chromebooks have snagged 20 percent to 25 percent of the US market for laptops that cost less than $300.

This is not surprising as the world is shifting to mobile devices to access the internet. According to a recent report by Avendus 62% of the total internet users worldwide, access it through their mobile devices, as a primary or a supplementary device. Tablet sales are to grow at CAGR of 33% to reach 369 Mn units by 2016 worldwide. By introducing such low cost laptops, there is a good possibility of retarding this growth of the tablet market.

Chromebook 11 is available in black and white with coloured accents. It could be bought online from Amazon, BestBuy and Google Playstore in US and Currys PC World in UK. Unfortunately there has been no information about if it’ll be released in other countries. Google’s Nexus series phones and tablets are available worldwide through various vendors like LG, Asus etc.

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