Folloyu – allowing people to continue online activities across devices

folloyuA majority of the people use multiple devices to access the internet. However switching between devices to continue the same activity comes with some hassles. There are a few apps to ease this process by bookmarking webpages to be viewed on a different device like Pocket, a multi-platform application to save webpages; Phone 2Google Chrome, a mobile browser app to send website urls from an android device to the Google Chrome browser; Instapaper etc.

Working with a similar idea, Folloyu, an Israel based service has however taken a different approach. Instead of saving a webpage, it allows the users to take the entire website from a mobile device to a computer and vice versa. The idea is to solve the biggest pain-point of today’s online world, and that is – abandonment of the current activity to engage with something else.

Since it transfers the entire session and not just a screen, logged in users remain logged in on other devices as well. For example, if someone tries to buy something from an eCommerce website using a computer but couldn’t complete the session due to some reason, he/she can easily resume the session from wherever they left and continue shopping on a mobile on the go.

The service makes perfect sense for today’s eCommerce players and content publishing websites, as they can easily reduce abandonments and increase conversion rates by simply installing a QR code on their sites, encouraging users to keep using their services across devices. A user can either scan the QR code to resume the session or send themselves the session via an email. One can also get push notifications by installing Folloyu app. Check out the following video –

Founded by Alfred Shaffir in 2011, Folloyu does not limit its user from just resuming webpages and online shopping sessions across devices. One can even keep playing multiplayer games and watch movies using this technology.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are a few similar services already available in the market, but one thing that sets apart Folloyu from its competition – on top of its multifunctional personality – is that, where Pocket, Instapaper and most of the other similar services like Fivedetails (for seamless music listening across devices) and Trillian (for seamless chatting across devices) cater to end users, Folloyu is focused to serve a B2B market.

When the world is moving towards an omni channel experience, providing users continuity across platform can become an important driver in higher conversations. Moreover it shall help to solve a big problem of uniquely identifying users across various platforms and open doors for the next level of targeting where the same user is being targeted with ads across different platforms.

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