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Filip – A Smartwatch for kids, peace of mind for parents

filipThe trend of smartwatches is gaining heat all around the world. When big names like Google and Samsung are developing innovations for adults, a New York based tech company, Filip Technologies, has designed a smartwatch for kids aged 4-12. This device is essentially a GPS Tracker with voice calling and texting abilities. It has been designed in such a way that its utilities could be easily used by both parents and children.

The idea for ‘Filip’ came when the company’s Chief Creative Officer & Founder Sten Kirkbak lost his 3-year old son Filip for half an hour in a shopping mall. The practice of using GPS to keep a track on the kids’ location is not uncommon. But to be able to contact the kid is also essential and since most parents are not comfortable buying cellphones for their children under 12, the company added cellular technology to the tracker.

The smartwatch combines GPS and WiFi to triangulate the child’s location. The parents could access it using an app in their phones. It has two buttons by which the child could make and receive calls. Anyone who has the number could call the child, however outgoing calls could be made only to the 5 pre-defined numbers entered in the smartphone app by the parents.

The device could even receive texts from those numbers.This feature is one way from parent to child, because sending a message back becomes too complicated for kids.

This is better than the conventional GPS trackers in terms of safety as well. The parents could set safe-zones for their kids eg. home, school etc. When a child enters or leaves a safe zone, the parents get push notifications on their phones.

In case of an emergency the child could press the red button on the watch for 3 seconds and it will automatically start recording the ambient noise, send a text message to each of the 5 pre-designated numbers with a link to the child’s current location and initiate a call to the first designated number and if there is no answer, call the other four designated numbers in succession.

Besides having all these features, these smartwatches are colourful and sturdy to match the active lifestyle of children.

Founded in 2010, Filip Technologies has started taking pre-bookings for the device. The team says that it will be available by the end of this year and will cost under USD 200. AT&T has partnered with Filip Technologies as the device’s network provider, distributor, and billing service.

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