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Drawbridge – offering marketers with ads that follow users from one device to another

drawbridgeOver display advertising, retargeting ads offers advertisers an opportunity to stalk / follow online users who abandon their site and provide dynamic personalized ads about the products viewed or keyword used by them. With the phenomenon already providing marketers more control over their ad campaigns, imagine how cross border targeting can revolutionise the overall digital advertising industry.

Working with a similar idea, Drawbridge, a California based startup allows advertisers to track their potential users across devices. Founded in November 2010,Drawbridge is a cross-device digital marketing company that has created its own proprietary technology based on scientific machine learning algorithms to offer cross device ad retargeting services.

With the world moving to an omni channel experience, the ability to keep targeting users across different platforms is an important driver to promise higher conversion rates – and Drawbridge seems to have understood that well.

It tracks a user’s online activity across devices and studies his/her behaviour and preferences to allow marketers retarget them across platforms including Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS phones. Advertisers can then use its data to identify how a user accesses the web via different web-enabled devices and serve them the ads accordingly.

The company, with its inhouse technology profiles individual web users and generate the data based upon time, IP address, device type, browser type etc. and allows advertisers to use the data collected on the desktop to target users anonymously with desirable ads on mobile.

The startup has also raised a series of funding round accounting to a total of over USD 20 Mn from top venture firms Sequoia Capital, NorthGate Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Talking of the competition to make cash using mobile ads, Drawbridge isn’t the only available platform. Other similar services available for advertisers include – InMobi, which offers targeted mobile ad services; Apple’s iAd to target iOS users; SilverPush, a Gurgaon based GSF accelerator startup helping businesses with ad-retargeting technology on mobile platforms, and more.

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