Book: Ecommerce law in China – By Cristiano Rizzi

Book-ReviewA few days back, while searching for some new authors, we suddenly came across a latest publication by Cristiano Rizzi, E-COMMERCE LAW IN CHINA – THE FUNCTIONING OF E-COMMERCE IN CHINA AND THE INFLUENCE OF THE EU MODEL.

The book includes 8 chapters with four detailed appendix, presenting English texts of essential Chinese legislation affecting eCommerce. The subject revolves around examining  the framework regulating online sales, protection of personal data and intellectual property, use of e-money, e-marketing, and Internet security as they currently exist in China’s “market space.

Apart from explaining about business models for operating a website, taxation of eCommerce, detailed comparisons with European eCommerce regulation, etc., the writer also highlights the fact that Chinese companies, eCommerce or not, are eager to expand their presence abroad. According to Rizzi, they will adopt a more aggressive approach to participate more in the EU through acquisitions.

The book thus aims at advising international corporations structuring their investments in China. Also, it is  a valuable information source for all the consumers shopping online, wishing to know what their rights are when buying products or services on the Internet, and to know how to protect themselves if something goes wrong.

Recently, Consultancy firm Bain & Co. reported that this year China’s eCommerce market will overtake US market, expected to continue on a trajectory of 32 percent average annual growth, reaching RMB 3.3 trillion by 2015.  Also, with a growing population of  564 Mn Internet users and 242 million e-shoppers, by 2017, B2C eCommerce in China is predicted to double its share and reach 46% of the total online sale, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.

However, running an eCommerce venture does not require only increased network coverage or improved services, but also a broad range of basic facilities, one of which is the countries legal environment. This covers a wide range of aspects such as contracts, E-signature, password, taxation, privacy and protection of consumer.

Considering the pace at which China has evolved its eCommerce markets over the past five years, such writing piece can bring in a real valuable aggregation of information to help the entrepreneurs and enterprises of a growing as well as similarly competitive economy like India.

The author of the book, Mr. Cristiano Rizzi is currently in BJ organizing his own network now. Previously he was the Foreign Legal Counsel at LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers working to help foreigners both entrepreneurs and corporations in better understanding the Chinese legal environment. Starting from the last month he is “Of Counsel” at Lehman Lee & Xu. His previous publications involve a series of academic articles in a prominent Italian Legal Journal and his previous release Mergers and Acquisitions and Takeovers in China – A legal and Cultural Guide to New forms of Investment.

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