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BOND, a smart way to be in touch

bondThe way people communicate today has come a long way, mobile has revolutionize everything, but despite bringing people closer by just click of a button, something still remains missing, bond is not only about communicating, but also requires a physical human factor and mobile phones lack that.

BOND, a tiny touch module can be used as a pendant, bracelet, watch whatever way people may like it to use. The device comes in pair, which one can keep and other could be given to someone close. When one touches it other feels it, no matter where they are.

If you touch it for 1 second, your friend will get a 1 second tickle, and these tickles can be up to 5 seconds long and any colour and the colour just depends on how long you touch it for. By swiping BOND one can send a rainbow tickle.

Each module can be connected with the phone via Bluetooth 4. The battery in the module lasts for up to 7 days and the app runs in the background.

Well the app comes with additional features which also include history, obviously in phones one always have remembrance left with the text messages shared etc. Bond too has a history feature where if users want to look back at history of activities, the app visualises the tickles they’ve been sharing.

One can even target the world with their touch, it’s been connected up to Google Maps, so BOND owners can leave tickles and emotions wherever they go. This will create an emotional heat map. For example, if you’re at a restaurant and love the food, just leave a positive touch for others to see. If you are stuck in traffic, your emotional trail is going to be more negative.

Bond can be connected with the smartphone (iOS or Android),and connection between BOND modules remain active  till the times one has network coverage.

Bond is been built by international team of designers, engineers and systems experts from KwameCorp, which is also behind the environmentally and socially responsible smartphone FairPhone.

BOND is still at the crowd-funding stage at Indiegogo and is currently seeking USD 150,000 (£93,000) to fund the development of these wearables.

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