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Big data startup Sqrrl raises USD 5.2 Mn from Matrix Partners and Atlas Ventures

sqrrlSqrrl, a big data startup founded by computer scientists from the National Security Agency (NSA), has picked up USD 5.2 Mn in Series A funding led by its existing investors Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners.

The funding will be used by the company to further develop and commercialize its product Sqrrl Enterprise, a flexible NoSQL database for real-time Big Data applications which is powered by the open source database called Apache Accumulo.

With the funding Sqrrl is also shipping release 1.2 of Sqrrl Enterprise today, which includes a number of new analytics, security and performance features.

Sqrrl Enterprise enables organizations to ingest, secure, index and query massive amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It offers the combination of cell-level security controls, petabyte scalability for multi-structured data, and a set of diverse analytic capabilities, including full-text search, aggregations, and graph analysis.

The NSA database was called Apache Accumulo and its development began in 2008, which the NSA developed and open sourced in 2011.

On its website Sqrrl has explained the NSA requirements, which includes:

1) Elastic scalability to petabytes of data

2) Flexible schemas

3) Fine-grained security controls to enable the mixing of data with different security requirements

4) The ability to run on inexpensive, commodity hardware to minimize costs

5) Very fast read and write access to the data

6) Rapid application development for Big Data analytics

At that time no such database solution existed that could meet these requirements, so NSA decided to build a solution from scratch with the help from Google’s BigTable paper and called this new data store Accumulo.

It delivers the NoSQL database with cell-level security capabilities, which enables every piece of data to be tagged with fine-grained security labels that are connected to the specific access control policies. This capability makes Sqrrl Enterprise a powerful solution for industries with sensitive data, and it is currently deployed at security-conscious organizations like the Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community and various other organizations in the Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Energy industries.

“The funding enables us to accelerate the growth of our sales and support organizations to meet the growing demand for our platform. At the same time we will continue to build our engineer team and develop innovative product features,” said Mark Terenzoni, CEO, Sqrrl.

Sqrrl is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. The company had previously raised USD 2 Mn seed round last year. It competes with other NoSQL databases and providers like Wibidata, Continuuity and LucidWorks.

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