AppStar ‘a tablet for kids’ to be launched in India for INR 9999

Off late everyone is reading so many news pieces talking about the growth of technology, spread of smartphones etc. Amidst all this, with phones and smartwatches for children, the kids are enjoying their share of the same. Now, global consumer electronics company, Binatone, is releasing its popular kids tablet AppStar in India for INR 9999.

With a price that high, it is a very expensive toy for kids. But then it’s justified by its specifications. The Android 4.0 tablet has 1 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM, 4 GB of internal storage memory, and a 16 GB micro SD card slot. It has a front VGA camera and supports WiFi connectivity.

The tablet is for kids over 4 years of age. It comes preloaded with apps and games for kids, with more available online for download. The device is both fun and educational, and has a special mode for parents too. With a colourful sturdy cover, its suitable for the active lifestyle of children. The 6-inch capacitive screen supports both finger and stylus interaction.

This device by Binatone was already available in some European nations under the name KidzStar. But this is not the only serious kids tablet in the market. Samsung too had launched one called Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, in August this year, and Genius had launched Kids Designer II last year.

Designer II is an affordable basic tablet for 3-8 year old kids. On the other hand, Galaxy tab 3 Kids with a 1.2GHz dual processor and 3MP rear camera is more powerful than the other two. Rest of its features and functions are almost similar to AppStar. But is currently available only in Korea, worldwide roll-out hasn’t been initiated by Samsung yet.

AppStar is a little expensive for an average Indian consumer’s taste. However those who do want a tablet for kids, this could be a good choice. Moreover for the primary schools inculcating eLearning in their practices, this could be an option for them too.

The tablet will soon be available in electronics stores both online and offline.

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