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Airtel Digital TV introduces live tweets on TV; Instamojo launches Instamping; WiFi enabled taxi service GoCarz shuts

airtel-digital-tvAirtel Digital TV introduces live Tweets on TV

Airtel Digital TV, the DTH service arm of telecom operator Bharti Airtel, has recently partnered with Twitter, allowing its subscribers to watch their tweets live on TV. With the service users will be able tweet and see what others are tweeting about- TV programmes, celebrities, sports personalities etc. on their TV screen itself.

Shashi Arora, CEO – Airtel Digital TV said, “Twitter on Airtel Digital TV is an innovative product launched as part of our continuous efforts to enrich the lives of our customers. Given the ever increasing popularity of Twitter across the globe with over 500 million Tweets generated everyday including breaking news and first reactions which trend within minutes of its occurrence, all our customers will now be a part of the convergence phenomenon along with the rest of the world.”

The service is powered by Brizz TV and can be used by all Airtel Digital TV customers across the country on any set-top-box at no additional cost. Initially, it will be available on select TV channels and will be extended to others in succession.

To use the service customers have to just press the green key on their Airtel Digital TV remote to enable and access the service. Customers can easily close the Tweet window or resume back at any given time by pressing the same green key again. They can send Tweets on any TV show with the specific hash-tags prompted on their TV screen and it shall be broadcasted LIVE by Airtel Digital TV.


instamojoInstamojo introduces PDF Stamping Feature to Personalize Ebooks

Instamojo, that allows users to sell their stuff instantly by just creating an offer, uploading details and promoting to audience through a link, has recently introduced a new feature on its website called “Instamping” – a PDF stamping feature which would help to personalize PDF files.

Instamping will allow users to stamp their PDF files with the buyer’s information at the time of sale automatically. With each page having buyer’s information stamped, it will discourage  sharing or posting of copyrighted content.

“With the growing demand of digital book, publishers get increasingly confronted with the issue of online piracy. Even though there are terms & condition that alerts the users implication of distribution, but one cannot be tracked if this gets uploaded in a torrent or a free share website…This feature will make the user responsible to own the content, and even if re-distribution happens, the user can be tracked down,” says the company.

To use the feature, users just need to upload the PDF file which they want to sell. And then click on “Secure your PDF” option after uploading the file. This will stamp user’s email id (by default) in the PDF file’s footer.


gocarzWiFi enabled taxi service GoCarz shuts down

New Delhi based WiFi enabled radio taxi service GoCarz has recently closed its operations. “The time has come for us to realize that even though we had a good business idea, we wouldn’t be able to continue due to lack of funds,” says a note left by Abhinav Gogia, Director GoCarz , on the website.

Although the company has said that it will continue to serve its clients for advertising needs.

The development was first reported by Medianama.

GoCarz was launched in 2011 with an idea to make the taxi industry more convenient, cheaper and Internet savvy, and within less than an year it managed to grow its network from 10 taxis to 120 taxis.

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