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Airpush acquires Hubbl, an app discovery startup for USD 15 Million

airpuch-hubblMobile ad network Airpush has acquired Hubbl, a New-York based startup that offers app discovery and personalization services for USD 15 Mn. The idea is to create a new, native advertising platform for mobile with a combined efforts from both the two companies.

“We are excited to announce that Hubbl has been acquired by Airpush and we are joining hands to reinvent mobile advertising from all angles” says Hubbl’s website, announcing the news.

It was co-founded by Archana Patchirajan and Kushal M. Choksi, Silicon Valley based Indian entrepreneurs and has offices in New York and India. The startup since its inception last year, was focused to develop advanced personalization technology for mobile, which forms the basis of the company’s native advertising platform.

“Facebook and Twitter have created a lot of hype around native advertising on mobile, but the reality is that the technology hasn’t been accessible for mainstream app developers,” stated Asher Delug, Founder and CEO of Airpush. “By joining forces with Hubbl, we plan to change that. The team at Hubbl has redefined the category by building the first truly scalable and effective platform for in-app native advertising, and we’re very excited to bring their technology to the market together.”

With Hubbl’s technological abilities, the developers get to reach their users in a more efficient and promising way. As mentioned in the reports, the startup in early 2013 was working on its latest technology feature “Spacebar” – a B2B offering which allows developers to get exposure from publishers and other content distribution networks. That is, if one is reading about Fitness or any other topic, he/she will receive similar app suggestions.

By joining hands with Airpush, the startup will now focus on developing a native advertising solution for mobile – keeping any further information undisclosed. However, Airpush says that they expect to release the product to app publishers by January 2014, which will help to increase the earnings for those developers who are building apps on iOS and Android platforms.

Founded in 2010 by mobile advertising veterans, Airpush has offices in Los Angeles and Bangalore with over 5000 advertisers using its platform for mobile advertising.

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