5 PR Blunders Every Startup Should Avoid

5PRBlundersMore often than not startups have a limited budget for marketing, making PR the most sought after tool to promote their product or services. Despite having dedicated resources to handle PR, startup founders often have no idea why they don’t receive any visibility in the media.

The world of PR has certain unwritten rules and violating them can sometimes cause irreversible damage to a startup’s future PR prospects.

Here are 5 most common PR blunders that most startups make:

Nothing sells itself

Many startup founders assume that a strong product or service will generate the necessary visibility the company needs. This kind of assumption is a serious mistake. Even for the word-of-mouth to spread, the initial group of people need to be made aware about the existence of your product.

Failure to identify what is ‘newsworthy’

Not every update is news for the media. Sending press release for small updates to the media is irrelevant and frankly, just plain annoying!

For instance, sending a press release about your startup getting funded or at the launch of one of its kind of service is newsworthy; But, sending a release regarding diminutive changes to your existing service or product will not exactly be breaking news.

Too much of anything is bad

Not even your best friend would like to be pestered all day long with numerous phone calls. In the same way, constantly bombarding journalist with calls, pitches, press releases and emails is a strict NO-NO.

Delayed responses to the media

There are times when a journalist will himself contact you for a story or quote. Ignoring them, or replying too late to the query can ruin the relationship forever.Being prompt and proactive is the key to maintain better relationships with the media.

Having unrealistic expectations from PR

Not every press release or interview given to the media will see the light of day. Given the sheer number of companies today that use PR as a marketing tool, accept that your startup will have its fair share of rejection from the media. It is better to remember that you are not in the race alone. Being persistent (but not pushy) is key.

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About the Author: Dev Dave, has been a PR practitioner for 4 years and has handled reputed brands like Zee learn,, Fitness First, Essilor, Samira Habitats etc. He is currently the head of online promotion for

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