3otherthings – another product discovery platform for Indian shoppers, or more ?


3otherthings, a product discovery platform working around social shopping for eCommerce and physical stores has unveiled its public beta version on Tuesday. The start-up is trying to solve the major problem of product discovery (search), product availability and customer experience before making a purchase across online and offline retail market.

“Customers are yearning for a similar experience as that of the ‘physical worlds’ shopping and replicating that on an online platform is what we’ve aimed for ” added Manoj Shinde, cofounder at 3otherthings.

A brainchild of Manoj Shinde, Darshana Gajare and Abhijit Nair, 3otherthings was started with a concept, many startups are trying to focus on – “Connecting offline and online shopping behavior”  FANCYNomi and Wanelo (San Francisco) are a few startups among many, working in this niche — but what sets 3OtherThings apart is the ease with which they have seamlessly integrated physical and online stores and they are already offering retailer’s with rich set of actionable tools to work with. Envisioned to unfold a new era of omni-channel shopping, the portal offers a clean User Interface design.

The startup helps in making a customer’s shopping journey easier by offering accessibility to physical stores’ inventory at the very location of the customer, along-with online curated products. For example, if a customer is not happy with online products from existing catalogue then, he can switchover to the physical store inventory to search & reserve locally available products.

The portal offers products from top retailers including Forever New, Pepe Jeans, Riot and boutique décor stores like Tangent & Mozaic, among others.

3OtherThings not only saves time for customers who are looking to buy something quickly, but also offers enough scope for retailers to respond with personalized offerings. It allows users to create a wishlist of products that they’d love to buy in the near future and help them to choose the product they really love, with the help of multiple features such as styling, price drops and so on.

Moreover, one can also create a style ensemble (“styleboard”) by adding products from already available product catalogue on platform or from customers’ wish list. If required, he/she can post a style request on the platform and the community, comprising of designers, stylists, bloggers, friends and other like minded people would help or advice on their preferences.

In an online marketing world where retailers spend enormous portion of their marketing budget on clunky banner ads and / or affiliate driven content platforms, it is becoming evident to retailers that such products do not offer experience nor  provide better conversion rates. 3otherthings, is making it easier and reasonable for such retailers to offer experience driven marketing and measurements via subscription model.

Given the recent shut-downs of several ecommerce platforms including Urbantouch, Timtara, Seventymm, it would not be wrong to say that today’s online shoppers are abandoning the clutter of unappealing eCommerce sites and are looking for value-added services that would make their shopping journey easier. In this evolving landscape, startups like 3otherthings are taking a cue and betting on the customer experience as well as product discovery in a whole new way.

Based in Mumbai, 3otherthings terms itself as a gateway (aggregated) to all lifestyle shopping, likening them to “The Google for Lifestyle shopping.” The startup was first soft-launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC this year.

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