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Studycopter- a platform to prepare for competitive exams anywhere, anytime

studycopterThese days a lot of startups in the e- space are trying to cater to the needs of the people in several niche areas, the hottest being education. There are portals like, Educart,, etc., which are providing online preparation materials for exams such as IIT-JEE, PMT, MBA etc. However, these courses require an aspirant to either take offline study materials or devote fixed particular hours, sitting at one place in front of their systems. This creates a time imbalance, particularly for working professionals, preparing for exams such as GMAT and GRE.

As a solution to this, tech entrepreneur, Adi Jain recently launched Studycopter with an aim to make a platform “available anywhere, anytime” for study. As claimed to be the world’s first online + mobile-capable adaptive learning platform, the startup founded its way in Charlottesville, VA (USA), with support from startup incubator i.Lab backed by Batten Foundation. It is headquartered in New Delhi and is imparting services globally.

The Studycopter team is currently providing study material only for GMAT aspirants. Since this exam is mostly taken by working professionals, it will form a good start for the company, as the willingness to pay for such service will be more prominent among them. Also, they are the ones who typically have huge access to smartphones and other smart devices and will benefit most with the mobile study option.

The portal provides its users an adaptive learning engine and automatically generates a custom study plan based on how the user is performing. The course material is generated primarily from Nova Press – the publishers of bestselling GMAT study material for several years. Also, there are content writers who ‘get’ the GMAT exam and write questions that closely mimic actual test questions.


Studycopter gives access to the preparation material on desktops, tablets, mobiles and even on the chat software LINE. The company has also launched an Android supported mobile app that lets user to practice questions, review study material, take notes, and even bookmark topics. It also keeps a user progress synced across any number of mobile devices that one may own.

“You could start your preparation on your laptop at the breakfast table-continue studying on your phone on ride to work-and analyze your performance during lunch break (or a boring meeting!) at your office tablet”, said Adi.

Pointing towards the facts, Adi said that the market offers a huge opportunity with present test preparation market in India estimated to be around INR 25k-32k crore. By 2015, the online mobile market is expected to be around INR 4000 crores. Also, globally e-learning and m-learning are emerging as a fastest growing sectors in education which in the coming two years are estimated to be around $95 billion and $9 billion respectively.

The app is currently free for the existing users. The new users can have a  1 week trial and thereafter can subscribe for a 4 month course at INR 1500. The portal supports all kinds of online payment options such as credit cards, debit cards and net banking.

As claimed by the company, the students using Studycopter have been able to improve their scores by 10-20 percent. Within few months of launch, the site has been able to get a traction of 1000+ users with pretty positive response on its android app globally especially from US and UK.

With a team size of 9, the Studycopter founder is also planning to improve site features further & add course material for other exams such as GRE, IIT-JEE, etc, in long run and is looking forward to raise Series A next year.

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