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Startup Chile announces its eighth batch including 5 Indian startups

startupchileStart-up chile, an accelerator program run by Chilean government has announced the selected startups who will join Start-up Chile program in its eighth batch.

Out of the 85 selected startups from over 28 different countries, 21% of the startup companies are from US, followed by 16% of Chilean, 12% from Argentina and 10% are the Indian start-ups those have qualified.

IT & Enterprise Software remained the most identified industry (19%), which is then followed by education (13%) and e-commerce (12%). Startups from Social Media, Healthcare & Biotechnology, and Tourism also applied among other categories..

Just like its last batch, the accelerator has chosen 5 startups from India –

Brainwave Education: A mobile and web based app that helps 5th-9th graders learn science and math, and practical applications by simulating experiments in a virtual laboratory India – A unique voice technology startup allowing people to speak on the internet using its mobile app and discover great content.

Cubicle: – An IT based company, Cubicle has developed an enterprise resource planning product that connects different processes such as resource management, progress tracking, performance monitoring etc. and places them on a central platform.

i7 Networks: – Headquartered in Bangalore, i7 Networks offer enterprises web content classification and bandwidth management tools. The company build products in the internet security space, specifically addressing the BYOD challenges.

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Profoundis Labs: – Started in 2012, Profoundis Labs is an analytics and big data start-up helping enterprise resource planning solutions for small and medium business. Its product iTestifyit is a web based product that collects, analyses and converts user comments to testimonials and help companies to improve their sales.

Few other interesting startups that are solving global problems are: –

Coin4ce (Chile) – Building a next-generation wallet solutions for bitcoin users that address issues like volatility management and convenient high-security storage.

DoubleMap (United States) – An Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) / GPS for intra university travels.

EMcube (Chile) – A tech based company focused to develop machine allowing users to make their own 3D printing supplies, by recycling and customizing other materials

Globevestor (United States) – Aiming to help high-impact startups in emerging and frontier markets to raise smart capital – Globevestor is an online venture capital platform for such businesses to seek mentorship from US and Europe-based investors.

My Visual Brief (France) – A web-based tool to facilitate effective communication between designers and their clients during the briefing process and save time and money for both the parties.

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REHAPP (Chile) – A cloud based rehabilitation platform for children with mental and learning disabilities and a web page community for their parents to track their children’s progress metrics – in its integrated iOS games – and connect to other parents and therapists.

Tech urSelf (United States) – Tech urSelf offers engaging and simple technological tools to help people live happier, healthier, and more connected lives.

TrumpIT (Chile) –  A mobile based app for users to file geolocalized and public complaints on a map which are automatically reported to the institution responsible for fixing the problem. The complaints are then shared or upvoted by others to help authorities prioritize the problem.

Uanbai (Chile) – The platform allow users to sell their personal things on their own social network profiles.

WIDEO.CO (Argentina) – is a “Do It Yourself” on-line tool to create animated videos and share feelings, ideas, products or knowledge with the world.

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    Someone recently forwarded this link and now i know why everyone was asking about Startup Chile with me. We (i7 networks) actually did get selected as mentioned n the article but unfortunately we declined to take up this offer as we got busy with the traction and implementations we got here in India and hence had to pass up this offer 🙁 but very happy to get busy with the customers – after all that is the reason why we exist!!

    But in no means it shows any negative stance towards Startup Chile and we heard that it is really a good program and I feel indian startups should continue to apply and take advantage of their offer.

    Manjunath M Gowda, ceo & co-founder, i7 networks

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