Sponsored: How Devloopers is making Web and App Development 3 x Cheaper, 3 x Faster and 3 x Creative ?

devloopersDevloopers is a Web , App Development and Design Company that is revolutionizing Development, Design and IT Services industry. Founded in 2012 it has already completed 2000+ projects with 67% repeat customers.

It has built Cluster, a patent pending technology to bring down development costs. This is an Interview with the founder Krishna Murthy on how they are able to deliver fast and at reduced costs, their future roadmap and insights in design services.

Few Highlights :

ECommerce Development in Rs 23940 – 10 Days

Online Forum Development in Rs 23940 – 9 Days

9Gag Like Website in Rs 59,940 – 10 Days

How so cheap and fast ?

Ha Ha Ha. I’m glad you asked cheap. We don’t like being called inexpensive. :P. We are like AWS of Development and Design Industries. We are dirt cheap and fast. We are similar to AWS in what many ways.

We have built a patent pending cloud technology called ‘Cluster’ that distributes project into small chunks, tracks progress and then collaborates to get the project completed. Currently more than 15000 Freelancers are connected across 67 countries by Cluster which are monitored and guided by our dedicated professionals. As the project gets distributed into chunks the respective freelancers from their expertise fields bid on it. In the bidding competitive landscape the customer gets ultimate benefit of speed and cost. You can read more about Cluster here.

What led to Devloopers ?

My partner and I were working in a web design and development company. We were surprised to see that non-IT background clients used to to pay hefty prices. Also the work was done inefficiently. We then suggested ‘Cluster’ idea to the founder but he refused. Thats when we thought to start on our own and hopefully journey has been great. Some new improvements have worked and some not but we always learn.

How is Devloopers different ?

Before answering to this question I just want to start with a little premise here.

If you don’t belong to tech background then you are likely to pay 300% to 600% more for IT Services. Apparenty Ignorance is not a bliss here. We are changing that.

80% of the service takers don’t know about how will their Project look like. They just make an image in their mind that their project will come out like this. Sometimes the development company lives upto that image but most of the times it doesn’t but then customer has to accept it s enough time has already been passed. The other side of the coin is the customer doesn’t know that there can be a better website/app designed. Its like a Frog living in a well story. It doesn’t know about the outside world. So we came up with first of its kind WYSIWYG (What You se+e is What You get) model. Here the customer selects what should his/her Website should look like. We have Sample images of website and we then customize it to customer’s content like Company name, About Us etc. This saves a lot of time in discussing and gives customer and us a head start. We also do fully custom projects. Also the customer can track progress from his/her account and is notified at various stages.

Is Design important ?

Ofcourse Yes.

Design is an integral part of any product. Its like we call it ‘Every pixel matters’.

How much projects you get from India ?

It varies from category to category.

For example If we consider Web Development and App Development India is like others and commands higher percentage. On the other hand 99% of our Design Projects like Branding, Logo Design, Print Media are coming from outside of India. People in India don’t care about designs.

For eg : They don’t want their business card to be unique. They will get it in ‘200 mein 100’. Business Cards should look like an accessory when you give it to someone. A good looking business card and its sure to remain in wallet of third person for long. A bad one may get torn off after your meet is over. Also a different business card makes its name into the mind of third person. So even if he doesn’t need your services and others want they will recall it and recommend you.

An example of Travel Business Card

Same goes for Resumes. In India still that Black Ink on White paper are used as Resumes.

People try to include as much text as possible in presentation and audience gets bored.

An example of of Presentation

Future Roadmap ?

We are currently using ‘Cluster’ Technology in Web Development, App Development and some part of our Design Services and its invite only for now. We will try to incorporate our other services like Online Marketing and SEO services too and make it more stable. The problem with connecting Online Marketing and SEO Services to Cluster is that it requires a personal touch so its like you have 1 steering and too many drivers. But we are looking for a way to add it. Also currently the penetration and mindset of Design in India is very much low or negligible. Its same as ecommerce 3-4 yrs ago. Then Flipkart and Snapdeal changed the landscape and now people are buying online and we want to do same in Design Services in India.

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