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Sokrati launches personaAds in beta to attempt psychographic based ad targeting

sokratiIn an attempt to measure even the psychographics or more specifically persona of an avid shopper, Sokrati a digital marketing and analytics firm has launched a new platform personaAds. The platform aims towards helping advertisers with customizable and identifiable personas specific based targeting across various online advertising channels rather than based on user-demographics.

The platform is built by keeping in mind the mechanics of offline shopping where it can enable the advertiser to focus on how different online shoppers respond to different variables such as messages, products, brands and prices. The tools based on Design experimentation can automatically generate ads based on product SKU level feeds with supporting data feed and measurements.

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The product evaluates dozens of targeting options and can tag them as customizable and identifiable personas. But how far can it actually map accurately will be seen by its early adopters.

It also has sorting options as per personas, products, brands, pricing and messaging.

The backend is supported by an Ad Factory that helps create thousands of product SKU level ads with predefined templates and data from the advertiser’s product feed.

Currently personaAds is available as a part of a closed-door beta program with select advertisers and agencies. One can have a free audit (here) to understand if it actually performs.

Definitely psychographic based targeting is evolving and most of the Adtechs are trying to crack it as it competes with complex human nature. By far, we may say that Facebook is able to do a bit well in itself due to the free access of users’ social feed.

Sokrati was launched in 2009 and deals in performance driven marketing expenditure on paid search, social and display networks. The platform currently manages 100 million active ad entities on a real-time basis , as claimed by the company.

It has also raised Series A from Inventus Capital Partners in March 2011 and its team includes ex-Amazonians such as Ashish Mehta, Santosh Gannavarapu, Anubhav Sonthalia; Kaushik Paranjape & Rahul Kulkarni (ex-Google).

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