Run-n-Read, a perfect companion for ebook users while running or travelling

run-n-readTravelling in an Indian metropolitan city is a nightmare for daily commuters. According to a survey, traffic jams in NCT Delhi take up almost 90 minutes of a commuter’s time on an average everyday. People try to make the most of it by either making work calls or by reading. But the uneven potholed roads make reading while travelling quite a task in India.

One solution to this problem is to switch to audiobooks,but for the avid readers this might not be a preferrable option. Another solution to this has been brought up by Aditya bansal and Praveen Elak co-founders of Weartrons, a tech-based company which has developed a wearable device that one can clip-onto their clothing and read on a host Android or iOS device via Bluetooth connectivity, keeping digital text steady in the midst of activities.

The company’s prototype device named Run-n-Read has a wearable sensor that makes the text move along with the user’s motion.Its a tiny clip with an inbuilt sensor that when clipped to a collar or a headband, works in integration with a special e-reader app that moves the page up and down to keep the text levelled with a user’s eyes. The working principle of run-n-read involves a 3D motion tracking technology developed by the company itself,with it’s patent pending approval.An algorithm moves text in accordance to the user’s motion to keep the text stable for reading.

The device was originally developed for the people who want to read while working out at the gym or while doing cardio activities . But it does solve the problems faced during reading while travelling. The company too has accepted this utility with the phrase “Long commutes don’t have to be boring. No more eye strain while reading in a train or a car”. According to Praveen, one of the co-founders, a user is required to hold the tablet in his/her hand and Run-n-Read’s algorithms compensate for the motion of the tablets – giving a steady reading experience.

Run-n-Read is looking for funding through Dragon Innovation, another crowdfunding platform, and while the final retail version will cost over $100, the company has offered the product on a $40 price to a few early donators. Having a goal to generate $30,000, the team has already raised around $8,000 with having 26 days left for the campaign. The current pre-order campaign is a world wide launch. With an extra shipping cost of 10$,it is going to be available in India as well. The company is expecting to ship the products later in December 2013.

Planning to raise an institutional equity round later this year, the startup has already initiated discussions with potential investors which includes – major gyms, corporate wellness centers and ebook authors/publishers to make Run-n-Read ubiquitous.

Moreover the founders have other product ideas to make everyday lives better with the use of technology . “Consumerization of hardware has made it very cheap to build products with sophisticated electronics and Weartrons Labs’ goal is to leverage that in building cool and affordable products.” said Praveen “We recommend folks to just start reading and not think too much about the device, given that considerable research has gone into the development and all our testers so far have given very positive feedback.”

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