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Nissan Nismo – a wearable smart watch that connects a car with its driver

inssan-smartwatch (2)Research into human-machine interactions has seen a significant growth in the last decade. From portable computers to multipoint touch screens-The people in the field of science and technology are trying out every single possibility a human mind can think of.

Recently the tech-world has however seen a trend of wearable devices. With Google’s launch of Google Glass earlier this year, a glut of smart watches including Sony’s Smartwatch 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear have hit the market – proving that single-function wearable devices are old-school and a massive waste of potential.

Not willing to be left behind in the race of these wearable gizmos, the car-maker Nissan is working on its own version of smartwatch named Nissan Nismo. Currently in its design phase, its the first smartwatch ever created by a car manufacturer,having a slight different mission as compared to the other smartwatch manufacturers. There is no word on the pricing or availability by the company yet.

The watch connects to many of Nissan’s Nismo vehicle models via Bluetooth and helps drivers – primarily racers – to capture biometric data via an inbuilt heart-rate monitor.

Meant to complement Nissan’s cars, the Nismo moreover helps drivers to measure the efficiency of their cars on top of monitoring their own driving performance and to quantify the connection between car and driver.

The Nismo Watch is reportedly an extension of Nissan’s Nismo Lab – a mobile laboratory that captures live biometric and telematics data from Nismo athletes during races.

According to another publication, the lab also plans to use ECG , EEG and skin temperatures in the future to capture a driver’s fatigue, concentration and even hydration levels. If Nissan manages to integrate that technology into its smartwatches, the effort could change the history of motorsports and make them more safer for the drivers.

The Nismo Watch comes in black, white and black and red and has a battery life of upto 7 days on normal usage.

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