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Update: Microsoft releases a dedicated portal to help developers worldwide

microsoft-developernetworkMicrosoft, has recently released a new portal,, dedicated to Indian developers globally, with an aim to develop a single point of entry to help developers interact with Microsoft.

The new developer portal is built on three pillars viz. Simple, to help develop apps more easily and intuitively; Relevant, connect with Microsoft and identify content easily and Community Driven, an opportunity for the community to engage with Microsoft and with each other.

To get started, developers can post their app ideas in the area called ‘Perspective’. Also, community blogs and social feeds in the “Connect” area allow developers to share their stories, get advice and connect with Microsoft experts.


In context of India, this move by Microsoft will provide a great opportunity to the second largest developer population based in the country with 1.6 million developers, to leverage the collective power of the community. The portal will empower developers with greater efficiency as they go from idea to app by enabling networking amongst the developer community, offering expert guidance to developers and remotely solving their queries.

At present, Microsoft provides developers the prospect to maximize their revenues through a 80% (developer) – 20% (Microsoft) revenue sharing model. In addition, Microsoft provides developers with the ability to target apps/experiences for both consumers and businesses.

Microsoft has always been a leading company in supporting entrepreneurs. To be mentioned, the latest initiative being Microsoft Ventures, a combined entity of BizSpark and Startup Accelerator program to provide seed funding to startups.

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