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Metaome Science Informatics launches Big Data analysis tool for Life Sciences – DistilBio Enterprise

metaomeWith Big Data buzz getting hype around the world in almost all sectors, a new realm is the Life sciences and Health segment. A few days back, we came across RainDance Technologies, a US based genomics big data analysis company. Now, its Bangalore based Metaome Science Informatics, which recently launched DistilBio Enterprise, an updated version of its earlier product DistillBio Online.

Metaome, incubated at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, is a life science focussed informatics company. As claimed by the company, its flagship product DistilBio, is first of its kind tool available for scientists to use for knowledge discovery and data-driven hypothesis generation. It currently offers two solutions, viz, DistilBio Online and the latest DistilBio Enterprise.

DistilBio Online is a free web-based graph search and discovery application for the Life Sciences and Drug Discovery. The technology brings together data sources and helps in answering complex queries by displaying hidden relationships among various data types. It currently integrates more than thirty commonly referenced public domain Life Sciences databases covering more than thirty million biological entities such as genes, proteins, drugs, compounds, pathways and diseases.

Here is a short video, how a user can easily use DistillBio to search any kind of biological data:

DistilBio Enterprise, going a step ahead of the online version, combines novel graph-based search and analytics with advanced data integration technology that cuts across data silos (a repository of fixed data that an organization does not regularly use in its day-to-day operation).

According to Kalpana Krishnaswamy, CEO, Metaome, in the coming years, analyzing not only large but disparate data types will become a key differentiator for life sciences companies and will provide much needed visibility in research & development.

“The use of big data analytics is exploding in the biotech and healthcare sectors with the ever-increasing volume and variety of data. DistilBio Enterprise comes to the rescue by offering a seamless data integration along with a graphical point and click querying system”, said Ramkumar Nandkumar, CTO, Metaome.

DistilBio Enterprise will find its applications in drug discovery, life sciences R&D, pharma R&D and Health care. The company is already in discussions with major pharma companies and research institutes to implement DistilBio Enterprise.

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