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Line adds video call and Vine-like snap movie feature

line-appJapanese instant mobile app Line after playing around with stickers and voice calls has now added video calls to its existing features. The app has also introduced a Snap Movie feature which would allow users to create short video clips and with a background music.

Video Call

The video call feature will be available on all major platforms including iPhone, Android devices and PCs. Users will get an option whether or not to switch on the camera while answering the call and they can even switch between video and voice anytime during the call or switch off mic or camera in between.

Similar to skype where users easily continue chatting and keep sending files while making video calls, Line’s video call feature will also allow them to open the chat room and send location information, pictures, etc. in between a call.

Snap Movie feature

This feature is quite a similar to Vine, will help users to create videos and add a background music.

To make a video, users need to click on the “Snap Movie” tab on the chat screen and when the camera starts they need to tap and hold the record button to start filming. By using the Snap movie feature users can make 4-10 seconds videos. Once the video has been shot, to proceed further, users can move to the BGM select screen from where they can select 9 types of background music which are available right now.

Once the video is created it can be sent or shared with friends or groups and can also be saved.

The feature is currently only available for iPhone version of LINE and is expected to be rolled out for Android in the future.

Apart from these, Line has also added a Shared Album feature which will allow its users to create an album that could be shared and edited by all members of a chat (one-on-one or group) and they can even add photos to the albums. The app has also added privacy settings for posts on timeline, thus now users can limit the audience for each post they make on their Home/Timeline (As on Facebook).

With the new updated version of Line, now its users can even remove friends from their Blocked or Hidden lists which will make that person completely disappear completely, also now users can forward videos received in chats to other groups or friends which was earlier not available on Line though is common feature on other messaging apps.

According to the second quarter results Line had witnessed a 45.3% increase in its revenues as compared to the previous quarter. Earlier this month, Line Game platform has passed 200 million downloads. Recently it has also added a monetisation model where users can buy stickers and other content for its service on web via, though the service is currently only available in Japan but as per the company they will be launching it worldwide in the coming time.

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