Ideas are like rabbits

I was listening to a young Entrepreneurial aspirant who sought to validate his big business idea. He had sleepless nights and had enquired few of his friends whether there is a place for a new entrant in the space. After due analysis he was persuaded that there is a need.

With splendid emotion (First business idea is highly exiting as it is very personal) he started following the beaten path throwing a bunch of pre-fabricated questions which would support him to believe strongly that his idea is unique, valuable, promising and a billion dollar one.

Contrarily, I had my own reservations as to whether he will really make it happen.

An Entrepreneur’s challenge is not concealing his idea from others, it is actually persuading people that they are not crazy and that they could make it happen.

When I heard for the first time that energy can be transferred from one form to another I thought about using our physical energy that we spend on walking, running and more to transferring it into electrical energy. When I learnt about piezo electric theories I believed someday I have to do something about it. When I underwent my graduation I knew how to do it. I believed I could do it, but in reality I never did it. There are billions of those me’s in this world.

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You can get a couple of the rabbits and learn how to tame them – you will have a dozen soon, so are our ideas.

Entrepreneurs adopt a different way of thinking; they see setbacks as a means to go harder, as a means to strive more. If we are convinced that there is only one idea and fail to understand that there could be a different way even before validating, it will be difficult to move forward.

The recent hot news in the Entrepreneur world is Elon Musk’s (Founder of Tesla Motors and Paypal) revolutionary idea of the Hyperloop: a high-speed transportation concept utilizing a tube system that propels passenger capsules close to the speed of sound. The system, though still conceptual, is a modern inspiration. No one in this world or another will underestimate the potentiality of this opportunity. If the idea is beautiful can he still let this out at this stage?

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I would recommend the Ideapreneur’s to less than one more fact that great entrepreneurs focus on more than one idea that’s how they become serial entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are known for being able to focus on one thing to the point of making it a reality.  Unproven ideas and people are okay, but the difference strikes in the business models through which they get validated while implementing.

Lightening Can Strike For Anyone. So you know that you’d love to go into business on your own but the real entrepreneur ideas are not exactly coming hard and fast.

If you still feel it has to be preserved, well there is nothing more to say. But in case you are still doubtful – there is help, always.

(About the author : N.R.R.Vijayakumar founder of Aequitas Global, a strategic business solutions and services organisation, working with Start-up’s and SME’s. He is also a Lead Mentor for Kyron, a Seed Accelerator and NEN.)

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    “An Entrepreneur’s challenge is not concealing his idea from others” – couldn’t agree more with this. When you have your first serious business idea you always tend to think that you can’t tell anyone, that people will steal your idea. But in actual fact this should be the least of your concerns. Ideas are everywhere. The important thing is to speak to people and get feedback – it’ll help you refine the idea and evaluate if it’s worth pursuing.

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