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HP’s new cloud based Analytics as a Service platform to handle Big data analytics – HAVEn

hpHP Enterprises recently launched a new cloud-based Analytics as a Service platform, with an aim to help enterprises handle the growing big data. Built on HAVEn, HP’s big data analytics platform, the service will help clients solve their business problems and create new market opportunities for HP.

HAVEn, launched two months back, was deployed as a part of HP Enterprises’ Big Data Discovery Experience as-a-service offering. It combines proven technologies from HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, HP ArcSight and HP Operations Management, as well as key industry initiatives such as Hadoop. It aims at helping organizations to create next-generation applications and solutions in order to accelerate the monetization of big data.

According to a research, it was claimed that most of the companies will be investing over 10% of their innovation budget in leveraging information from big data this year. However, it has also been proven that more than one in three organizations have failed with a big data initiative.

As per Dragan Rakovich, chief technologist, Information Management & Analytics, HP Enterprise Services, with HAVEn’s unified approach to big data, enterprises can have a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems.

“Harnessing the value of information is a top priority for our clients and a Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry” said Rakovich.

HP Enterprise Services is a global business and technology service division of HP. With more than 5,000 information management and analytics professionals worldwide, it help clients develop, deploy and manage information management and analytics solutions. This includes utilizing data scientists to extract meaning from disparate data sources, as well as develop innovative solutions and management of those solutions.

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