Housing.co.in buys Housing.com domain and a premium number for USD 1 mn

HousingCoInAccording to an official statement shared by the Mumbai based Housing.co.in, a real estate classifieds portal, it has paid USD 500k to support its plans to go international by acquiring domain name Housing.com.

This is supposedly a big investment coming from a startup which recently raised USD 2.5 mn in Series A if we believe the ticket size of the deal.

The company has also revealed its plans to hit its first international expansion within the next 6 months. “We have been getting a lot of traction from prospective partners from other countries. And they are more than willing to invest in their countries initiative,” said Advitiya Sharma, co-founder, Housing.co.in.

With this the company has also acquired the All 3’s National number, 03-333-333-333 (yet again for USD 500k deal as per company claims) which both buyers and sellers can use to shoot any query at the company.  As per Advitiya Sharma all 3’s number acquisition is a step is to facilitate quick service to offline and fast moving users.

Launched in 2012 by a group of around 12 IIT Mumbai Alumni, Housing.co.in is a map based real estate search portal which works on the idea of helping people to book or rent flats without involvement of brokers.

Housing.co.in has raised funding three times this year including a USD 2.5 mn Series A funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners. Recently, it has expanded its operations in Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad and has also introduced a classified segment feature for farmers and villagers.

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  • Pooja

    I feel Indian investors giving useless investments to these IIT and IIM grads and making them foolishly spend the money
    The real estate industry already crowded with good competitors and Housing.co.in is not a great idea to get million dollar investments

  • amit

    its a wastage of investor’s money. First hosuing should setup their processes right instead of wasting 6.3 crore on a number and domain name.