Hex, a smartphone-controlled copter for under US $50 on Kickstarter

If you have your eyes on a $49 nanocopter ‘MeCam’ that you can use for video recording and its streaming capabilities with its Android – you should reconsider your thought and look for a more sophisticated, extended version of it.

Called Hex, this nano-copter is as simple as running your fingers over a smartphone – one can control them using an app for iOS and Android, via a Bluetooth connection over different types of controls – virtual joysticks or gyroscopic.

Expected to ship in December, its developers at AngelEyes is currently running a Kickstarter campaign – with many perks on various pledges between $9 to $2,999. Aimed to raise $10,000 in total from its 45 days campaign, the team has amazingly surpassed its pledge in less than 12 hours and reached $18,000 under a day.

Its Kickstarter page has a video linked to it which shows how a user can 3d print their own Hex over the other functionalities of it – an ideal way to make the buyers curious.

So far it has raised around $200 thousand and the campaign is still due to go another 37 days time period – indeed a good case study to prove that not all crowdsource campaign end up like that of Ubuntu’s who only managed to raise around one third of its total target.

With the help of bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with a phone device, Hex has advanced features like flight stabilization to avoid crashing.

Each Hex comes with dismantled body parts so that a user can customise its body however he/she likes. Moreover the Hex offers an advantage to 3d printing lovers as the kit also includes a support for custom shells to be 3d printed.

The basic kit is available for $49, however if one pays $159 or more he/she gets inbuilt WiFi webcam and a “photographer” shell – to shoot video and share it in real time. Spend some more ($469) and you get the “Spy Set” with a set of glasses to experience the first person view.

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