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Google+ introduces new features including embedded posts, for content publishers

Google-+Google has recently launched the feature of embedded posts for its social network Google+, along with ‘Author Attribution’.  According to a blog post, these features have been introduced to provide the users with authorship of the content posted online as well as grow their audience over time.

With the help of embedded posts features, anyone can now add a public Google+ post to a third party web page. The post supports all kind of content whether text, photo or media with an option for the visitors to +1, comment ad follow the user inline.

However, wherein Facebook and Twitter are pitching heavily to the news sites, with Facebook associated with only few media publications, Google+ has imposed no such restrictions yet.

To create an embedded post, one can simply find a public post on Google+, and select ‘Embed post’ from the drop-down menu. The given code can then be copied to the web page to include the embedded post.

Moreover users will no longer have to worry about the author attribution. As from now on if someone uses Google+sign in, the new integrated functionality added by Google which currently supports WordPress and Typepad – will automatically publish the content on a user’s google+ accounts – resulting into more circulation for the published content. One can now be able to see author’s name alongside his/her picture and link to the Google+ profile in search engine result pages.

The move will indeed help Google to position its social network as an “easy to use” platform for public sharing content, on top of helping content creators to share, expand their audiences, get comments/likes from Google+ platform and make their authorship attribution easy and secured.

According to Forbes, publications like TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, Financial Times, Sports Illustrated among several others, have already signed up for the feature. For more info on how to make it work for your content, click here.

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