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budli.inWith technology growing at a fast pace, from smartphones and iPod to google glass and smart watches, even the relatively new products are becoming outdated fast. Now, the question that is left dangling is “what to do with the old gadgets” . Although, there are several sites where a user can sell his/her used gadget. But to judge the correct selling price and predict the time as to when the item will actually get a willing customer, is quite difficult to estimate.

In order to overcome this issue, Rohit Bageria, an entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in software, manufacturing and ecommerce industry, has come up with his venture– India’s first instant online Re-Commerce Portal. Launched three months back and based in Kolkata, the site offers instant selling of the gadgets at a fair price.

At present, the site deals in used gadgets such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and iPods. A user can log on to the website and select the required product specifications including condition, age and accessories. The system will then automatically generate a price quote which if accepted results into a shipping label. One can then print the received shipping label and pack the product. It will be picked up from the customer’s doorsteps and shipped to the company free of cost for inspection.

The price of the received product is decided by a number of factors, being the condition of the product and the market price of a new model of the same. Also, the company consults associated distribution channels to find an appropriate resale value. The gadget owner receive the payment either by online bank transfer or by cheque, and the used gadgets are refurbished, recycled or resold.

As per Rohit, the concept is unique as it offers several advantages such as value, speed, convenience, transparency and less risk. Also, he believes it to be way of contributing to the environment as the device is recycled/ re-commerced in an environmentally friendly manner.

In our view, the service is good as one can directly sell their used gadgets at a fair value and without any hassles of connecting and negotiating with other buyers. However, considering the market sensitivity to be more towards COD kind of pattern, the service requires a lot of trust and credibility to be ensured on part of the company. The team plan to build it through branding, marketing and user referrals.

With a team size of seven, the company is currently self-funded and is using digital marketing & word of mouth to create awareness about the portal. As per the team, the traction so far on the platform has been good and they are also looking forward to resell used gadgets on their portal in future.

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