From Artflute to PixMyWall – selling artworks to a subscription based renting model

artflute-pixmywallBuying art pieces can be an overwhelming commitment. Given the high costs on top of the obscurity that the work you have seen on a website or in a gallery will look just as good in your house –  its a tough decision to make. Looking at a solution to this pain-point of consumers, a Bangalore based startup behind one of the largest and most trusted art market places in India, ‘Artflute’ has come up with an online rental platform for such artworks – PixMyWall.

Started with Artflute some five years ago, the startup came up with an idea that the art shouldn’t only be accessible to the wealthy or the well-connected, but rather be affordable for a normal man as well.

“While the sale of original art is in itself a thriving business, Artflute decided to branch out and explore new consumption models for art that’ll allow not only the larger market segments to enjoy art but will also help the artist community reach out to the market, this is how Artflute experience took shape and the concept of Art on subscription was born.” added Aditya Pisupati, one of the co-founders.

In addition to the cost factor, the portal will also help rising and struggling artists extend their visibility and perhaps monetize – thanks to its affiliate model.

With over 1500 artists showcasing around 7500 art works on Artflute, the startup is slowly expanding its selection on PixMyWall, which currently stood at nearly 4000 artworks – with an aim to offer some of the “best curated works” to its customers.

Working on a subscription based model, PixMyWall allows customers to subscribe to art and as a part of the plan, they will have an option to keep an artwork as long as they want, exchange it for another periodically or just buy the piece if they love it. Currently running in a beta phase, PixMyWall has only a few plans to choose from, which starts from as low as INR 5990 for an upto 4 artworks order, per year.

The startup claims to soon integrate PixMyWall into Artflute domain, once its out of beta, and the name change will take effect simultaneously.

Talking of traction, Artflute gets close to 50 thousand visitors in a month – and its customers aren’t just limited to India. The portal witnesses a fair number of orders coming from countries like US and UK – thanks to its free shipping feature valid across the world. However, the team has limited its subscription based service – PixMyWall – to India only, which might be opened for a global audience in future.

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