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Apple to roll out two new iPhones – 5s and 5c

apple-logoApple is all set to share the market of low cost android phones, as the company is about to launch a low cost version of its iPhone named iPhones 5c today. Sweet!

Well, that’s not it. Apple is preparing to step up its game by launching two new iPhones instead of one – realising that the tech world calls for a continuous innovation and new product roll-outs to sustain in the market. In addition to the cheaper version iPhone 5c, the other handset that will hit the stores today is the updated version of iPhone 5 followed by the ‘s’ factor – iPhone 5s.

As per another publication, iPhone 5s will be quite similar to the original iPhone 5 in looks, though there could be a noticeable difference on its home button with an all new fingerprint reader. This will allow users to log into their phone with a swipe of their finger. Other expected improvements are said to include a faster processor and a better camera.

A lower-cost smartphone, which reportedly will be available for around $500, might help Apple to expand into overseas markets like that of China and India where the Apple’s products are highly desired among the masses, but are out of reach given its high prices.

With the launch of 5c the company is believed to be breaking its ‘known for’ history of Black and White colored phones, as the new IPhone5c will be available in more color options. However, its hard to guess what will be those options.

Moreover, it will be interesting to see whether this will help stop the continuous downfall in Apple’s sales or will further worsen it. As stepping in a cheaper segment of smartphones market might affect the company’s established brand value of high class smartphones – since the first iPhone rollout in 2007.

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