Ansa- A messenger that let’s you go off record

ansaAnsa developed by, Inc. is the latest instant mobile messaging app to hit the market. One may ask why use a new app when already similar apps like Whatsapp, Line, Chaton and many more are getting a massive response worldwide. WhatsApp alone has over 300 million active users.

What sets Ansa apart from all these is the ability to control privacy in one on one chats. Messages could be set on an optional self destruct time of 60 seconds and one could go off record anytime!

“Ansa is the safest place to be yourself and share with friends”, says Natalie Bryla, CEO and one of the founding members of Ansa. The idea behind creating this app was to give the people a platform where they can communicate more freely and comfortably, without being worried about their messages being stored permanently. Also, it supports the feature of synced deletion i.e. if someone deletes their copy of the messages or media they have sent, all the other copies of that message will be deleted too, inclusive of the ones’ in Ansa’s servers.


In comparison with Snapchat, another app that allows one to send self-destructing images, Ansa allows to send images, text as well as other media, for instance a video link from Youtube. One can even be creative and doodle on their images. Snapchat is popular mainly among the younger population whereas the target audience for Ansa are college students and people in that similar age group. Ansa is for the people who want more than just real time image sharing. Although in Snapchat incase the person takes a screenshot, the sender is immediately notified. Ansa hasn’t come up with such a feature yet.,Inc is a team of 8 people,based in San Francisco. They have managed to raise a funding of $250,000 till date.

Ansa is available free of cost for both iOS and Android based phones.

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