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The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – now available for pre booking

kindletabAmazon has announced the release date for its next model of Kindle notebook, the Kindle Paperwhite. Available on a pre-order basis from yesterday on Amazon website this new e-reader notebooks are expected to be dispatched for shipping on September 30.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes along with 1GHz processor – way faster than the original 800MHz Paperwhite and a better display with its E-Ink’s Pearl 2 display, with an improved built in light –  that is, a perfect companion for those who like to read in bed or in dark.

More interesting features include a next-generation built-in light, a more responsive touch-screen display and comparatively lighter – weighing in at 7.3 ounces instead of 7.5 ounces.

So the major improvements one should expect with this next-generation Kindle Paperwhite in terms of usability are the better contrast, improved screen reflectivity to deliver presumably more readability and a better page turns and other speed related issues – due to its new high speed processor.

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Speaking for its launch, Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO said “the new Kindle Paperwhite has brand-new display technology, the next generation of our built-in light, a faster processor, plus all of the exclusive benefits of the Kindle ecosystem like Kindle MatchBook, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, over 400,000 exclusive titles, Goodreads, Kindle Singles, Kindle Worlds, Kindle FreeTime, and much more.”

Talking of the additional software features, Amazon announced that it will add Goodreads and Kindle Free Time. Goodreads will allow users to share reads, highlights and rate books with the Goodreads social reader network. Kindle FreeTime will help parents to keep a surveillance over their kids as it restricts content on Kindle Fire software to specific titles to try to get kids to focus on learning.

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As per the statement by Amazon, The Goodreads and FreeTime features will be delivered later this year as part of a free software update – though it does not speak anything about whether or not these features would also be added to the original Paperwhite.

The new Paperwhite starts at $119 for a wifi version. The one with inbuilt 3G starts at $189 and will be available in November.

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    Do you have any information about when this new version will be available in India. still shows the previous generation.

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