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Amazon introduces new Fire OS 3.0 Mojito with “hundreds of new features”

kindletabWe are not saying that Kindle Fire is a killer of Apple’s iPad or Android Tablet Market, but it would not be wrong to give Amazon the credit to reignite the competition when talking about the tabs, since the launch of Kindle Fire. Despite its comparatively less attractive design than iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire has shared a significant market with the two, and if the reports are correct, when Kindle Fire was first launched, it managed to take 54.4% of the total Android Tablet market – in just a few months time.

And now, the company is taking the competition even more seriously than ever. As it seems to be trying to mimic the Apple’s tradition of launching software and hardware together.

Amazon on tuesday has announced the launch of new Fire OS 3.0 codenamed “Mojito”. The new software has been released with the launch of its three latest generation Kindle Fire models: the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch, the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch and the latest Kindle Fire HD with a revised price tag.

Built atop Android 4.2.2, Mojito offers the same Android compatibility as its previous editions, but has “hundreds of new features” and low-level platform enhancements.

While we are mentioning few of the highlighted updates and new features below – the die hard Kindle fans who are more of an end-to-end detail seekers can visit the official documentation page here for all the changes and information.

To start with, the Mojito will offer a “Revolutionary Mayday Button”, which can be accessed from the Quick Settings, tapping on which, pops out a little window which connects the user with an “Amazon Expert” for any kind of required assistance.

The new OS will include Cloud Collections for users to organize their applications, books, magazines and newspapers in the cloud; 1-Tap Archive for intelligent space management. The Fire OS can identify the things that one doesn’t use quite often and stores them automatically in cloud with one tap. GameCircle and Whispersync for Games, for the developers to integrate game progress and profile syncing across devices using Amazon Web Services.

Other noticeable updates/feature are in-app purchases for which every new Kindle Fire comes with 500 free coins, support for HTML5, Accessibility Tools including Screen Reader, text-to-speech feature with additional languages and many more.

“Fire OS includes the core email and productivity apps, but we take a different approach when it comes to content,” said Dave Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “Our content-first approach shapes the design of Fire OS—the home screen makes the most recent content items available instantly on the Carousel or Grid and customers can move between their media libraries both on the device and in the cloud with a simple tap. We’ve also deeply integrated Amazon services directly into Mojito, such as the Mayday button, Second Screen, X-Ray for Movies & TV shows, and now X-Ray for Music.”

Moreover Amazon has still not offered Google Play Store access. Well, we completely understand that the company has to encourage more downloads from its Amazon app market, but given the fact that it has a relatively small app collection, it might discourage few people to buy Kindle Fire or perhaps encourage a few to try a bit of hacking.

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