Making hiring more real-time, Gotkaam introduces a #tagged 140 character resume

got-kaam-logoAt the beginning of a career or during the process of changing jobs, the thing which is of prime importance for both the job seekers and the recruiters is the “Resume”. However a candidate sometimes miss out on good opportunities as either the resume is not able to portray the skillset that he/she possess or the company’s job requirements are not clear.

In order to innovate the way how job seekers find recruiters and vice-versa, Tech entrepreneur Vivek Devas and Management professional Mohan Kannan, came up with Gotkaam, a first of its kind app.

Launched a month back, Bangalore based Gotkaam is a mobility based hiring solution, based on the prediction that the resume of 2013 is a #tagged 140 character ‘Skillet’, which is real time and updated on the go.

“We basically aim at moving away from the world of writing resume. The recruiters can search using hashtag methodology and the skillsets came up which can be contacted”, said Mohan.

A user can download the Android App on his/her smartphone and upload a max.140 character resume on it. The user is allowed to post one resume at a time in a day. Thus, giving the mobility to update their resumes’ anywhere anytime. Also, each skill and requirement needs to be hashtagged in order to make it more accessible for the recruiters. Apart from the information tagged, no other data is made public about the user.


As the founders believe that most recruiters prefer web search for the task, they can login through their Linkedin account on the Gotkaam’s website. The recruiters can then make a profile of their own on the Twitter like platform available and can search, identify, follow, message or even chat with the desired candidate.


As far as company’s marketing strategy is concerned, the team is mainly following the digital marketing channels. Also, the company is doing a promotion program with an aim to increase product awareness in Europe, US and India. With 2800+ Facebook likes, the app till date has 1000+ mobile installs and over 10,000 ‘skillets’ on it.

The platform is a self funded one and is looking forward for revenue streams in the coming few years such as “Promoted skillset”, wherein a person can pay to put his/her resume ahead of 1000+ resumes.

Currently, the app is in beta and is available only on Android. On the coming 1st Oct., the founders will be moving on to ‘appcelerator platform’, which will bring the final app to both iPhone and Android.

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