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ZopNow co-founder, B.K Birla quits

Zopnow-1The issues among the co-founders running a company is not something new when it comes to e commerce businesses, the way company is being run, policies, terms, etc are few things which led to issues among the co-founders. Having co-founder in a business who perfectly blends with your thinking and mindset is somewhat a difficult task, as if these don’t match it not only affects the personal relations but the future of company as well.

Well it seems something was not going right between the founders of Bangalore based e-tailer of grocery and FMCG products, Zopnow, as one of the co-founder, B.K Birla has recently quit the company leaving behind a blogpost, which clearly depicts that it was not intentional from BK.



B.K Birla

As per our interpretation, there were issues among the co-founders and the investors over the way company was being run. “Why did you treat me like a criminal dear friend. Agree that you decided to let me go and convinced rest of the “Bored” on that but that does not mean that you start changing social media accounts, bank accounts and other company things. Do I have a history of stealing money from anywhere.Trust me mate this hurts beyond repair. If somebody had done this to you, it might be worthwhile for you to imagine how this would have felt.”

We had tried reaching Birla for the same, but couldn’t get his response.

What now?

Taking a different way from the ecommerce, Birla now will focus on some work related to prevention of suicides in IITs, BBG events, and RJing. He would also be taking up part-time consultancy projects with various companies, he stated in his blogpost.

Zopnow was launched in 2011 by B.K Birla and Mukesh Singh, ex-Makemytrip. It had earlier raised funding from Accel Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and media group Bennett Coleman & Co.

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