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YouTube live streaming service will be available for content creators with minimum 100 subscribers

YouTube live, the live streaming service that YouTube first launched around couple of years ago is now available for almost every producer to live stream his/her channel on YouTube, as Google on Friday has announced that all channels in good standing with at least a hundred subscribers will be able to live stream, within the next few weeks.

Earlier this year, Google dropped the limit to include channels with 1000 or above subscribers to its live stream service – which initially was only available for partner accounts and video game developers.

Other than cutting the minimum subscribers, YouTube has also given further privileges to its users which includes the ability to upload custom thumbnails for video uploading. However YouTube suggests that all custom thumbnail images must follow its Community Guidelines.

It has also offered the ability to use annotations, using which users can now even link their associated web-pages to their videos.

With Google’s continuous effort to make YouTube’s live streaming service available to a wider audience, its not clear if Google will further open up the service to all users on YouTube, but one thing that makes perfect sense is that the company is competing head-on with traditional TV channels and its other online competitors like Livestream.


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