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Yahoo email service in China is now Closed

Yahoo-alibabaIf you have a database to target in China with emails still representing or you need to revise them soon, as Yahoo China has now shut down its email service in the country after a four-month warning.

The update has been confirmed by Techinasia saying that yesterday (18th August) was the final day for Yahoo China email users to login and migrate their email to an alternative service.

The news has come in line with an official announcement made in April, where Yahoo confirmed that it will be shutting down mail operations in China in August and the users – in the meantime – users were requested to migrate their accounts to email service provided by Alibaba.

Yahoo’s operations in China are owned by Alibaba Group, who decided the time has come to encourage use of AliCloud mail instead of Yahoo Mail.  “The decision was made mainly to support the users, as we are not sure how long we can provide the e-mail service under Yahoo’s current technological structure” said Zhang Jianhua, head of PR, Alibaba group, during the announcement in April.

Until 19 August Yahoo China users had an option to open an Alimail account and link it to their Yahoo China mailbox where they can continue to access all their old messages as well as receive emails sent to their Yahoo addresses until December 31, 2014. So do not be amazed to see few of the emails sent to a Yahoo China ID – bouncing back starting from today and all of them bouncing back after December 31, 2014.

This however, does not mean you can simply change a user account with (or to, and shoot up the same email – as those who are migrating can always change their old user name to a new one. Also be prepared for fluctuations in email deliverability and other campaign measuring parameters like Open Rate and Acceptance Rate.

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