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WeMeet – another China based mobile messaging app

sinaSina, the company that runs Chinese version of Twitter has now jumped into the war of mobile communication apps with its new product called ‘WeMeet’, also known as ‘Weimi’ in Mandarin. The company is also making investments in online gaming – giving a clear impression of competing with its one of the close competitors – Tencent.

Developed by a team of 20-people team incubated in Sina itself, the product however, is around since April. Despite of medias speculations that the company is establishing WeMeet as a rival to WeChat, its spokesperson Liu Huangfu said that WeMeet is an LBS interest-based SNS app, and thus is not meant to be a direct rival of WeChat.

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With WeMeet’s location based social networking ability, the service has indeed differentiated itself from WeChat and other such services like WhatsApp, as it is not limited to friends and rather encourages communication between various public groups as well.

With currently supporting Chinese language only – the application seems to have a focus lying in the Chinese market only, for the moment. But given the fact that it is available worldwide on iOS and Android platforms, the further language support for the application are very much anticipated.

Moreover, if the company is not considering WeChat as its ‘direct rival’, being in same niche Sina would somehow have to work on improving its user-base – which could only be attained by foraying into other international markets.

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Since the app is only limited to Chinese population – once its reach extends beyond China it will be more indicative of how the app actually performs in today’s one of the most promising market.

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