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Web and iOS analytics company, Heap raises $2 mn

HeapSilicon Valley based, Heap, which launched 2 months back with a different approach to user analytics, i.e to capture everything. The company, kicking in the same ground with players like Google and KissMetrics has recently raised $2M seed funding from undisclosed investors.

As seen on their website, Heap uses a modern approach to web and iOS analytics. Their approach is to capture anything and everything. It lets the customers conduct event-based analytics without having to ship any code or wait for data to trickle in.

The idea behind the technology is that if one has the need to analyze how well something is working on their site, they don’t have to add any new code or set up an experiment (as in GA experiments) and wait for the result to come in after a few days— the user already has that data when its capturing every move of the people visiting their website.

It will track and capture every click, page view, taps, swipes, form submissions i.e every interaction that the Javascript snippet can capture thus capturing big data and therefore serving as another platform for the big data analysts to work at.

Capturing this much data requires a pretty heavy amount of storage, so you might have to pay a hefty price.

The price is scaled based on the number of unique visitors your site has:

1) 100 users-  $1 per month

2) 2,500 users- $25 per month

3) 200,000 users- $1,000 per month

4) 500,000 users- $2,000 per month

If you’re interested to try it before setting it up on your website, then you can try the  sand-box version..

Source : Techcrunch

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