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Looking for web based How-to Guides? Try Whatfix

whatfix-logoLooking for How-to guides on a web is something everyone is familiar with. But where the hunt usually ends up with a verbose blog consisting of irrelevant images or screenshots, Whatfix – the brainchild of Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar Namburu has come up with a solution.

WhatFix is an online community platform where anyone can create, share or use interactive guides for any website or other queries related to Gmail, salesforce, social networks etc.

Its interactive guides can be created with just a few clicks, and published as simple slideshows, or can be run interactively and embedded in websites/blogs. The platform offers a suitable solution for customers and the co-workers of a business to help understand the basic functionalities of a website or any other web based query.

Whatfix could also be used by emerging online businesses to create and share the interactive How-to guides of their websites and thus teach online community about any complex functionality of their online business.

The founding story

A Bangalore-based tech startup QuickoLabs’s founding duo, Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar Namburu earlier ventured an on-demand (Saas) search engine optimization platform ‘SearchEnabler’, helping small-medium businesses and individuals seeking to improve their online visibility – and this is what landed them to venture Whatfix.

“SearchEnabler our previous product was first customer of whatfix, thats where the need aroused. All user’s of SearchEnabler were looking for hand-holding & we came up with the solution which can provide step by step instructions inline to their websites, which is now whatfix.” said the team.

The startup initiated the development of Whatfix in Jan 2013, after initial 4 months of development it experimented the product with few users in private beta in June. The service has been made available for anyone to use this week. Moreover Whatfix now supports Mozilla and Chrome browsers – which earlier was compatible to Chrome only. The company has also filed a patent for Whatfix.

In just a few months of its operations, Whatfix has 650 users and 300+ crowd sourced guides. Moreover, the platform offers 100s of guides contributed for sites like Gmail, facebook, Google Analytics, Trello, Tumblr, WordPress, CommonFloor, Wikipedia etc, apart from businesses creating guides for their users.

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