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Vebbler-logo-1After the success of global social networking giant Facebook in India, recently a homegrown social network, is launched, based out of the Mumbai. This venture, being marketed as “India’s first clutter free, personal social network”, is an initiative of young engineer cum entrepreneur Sahil Bhagat along with his team of six.

We reach Sahil to get some more details on Vebbler features and its future plans and strategies. Here is a brief overview:

Vebbler is built on the core philosophy that people and relationships are not one dimensional. As a result, the platform is designed on a Crowd Layering Model (CLM) whereby users can share different types of content with different spaces without one aspect of their life spilling into another.

The portal offers many new distinguishing features such as:

Clubs: It allows a user to add a person into different groups, such as friends, family, workmates and acquaintances, to avoid mixing up any of these life’s together. At present, one can add only 500 close members in his/her club.

Followers: Apart from club members, a user can interact with other people by following them, thus making possible both private and public conversation.

 — Wavetags: This allows user to build real time conversations, ‘Waves” , and at the same time follow waves that interest him and see its popularity with the Wave-O-Meter, an inbuilt feature on the site. This is different from prevailing ‘Hashtag’ which does not provide any way to monitor the data hashed.

The site is also unique in terms of larger profile picture displays, privacy options for tagging photos, option for locking posts, interesting search filters and beautiful & simple two column layout with responsive photo galleries.


As per Sahil, within a short span of its launch, apart from India, Vebbler has gain popularity across 26 countries and 108 cities across the world including USA, United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, Sri Lanka Norway, Philippines and Qatar.

The site is currently in beta version since its debut on 23rd July, 2013. To get register on the network, one can apply for an invite on its website. The company is following a three fold marketing strategy which involves giving away personal invitations to colleges in Mumbai, launching videos of Vebbler on You Tube and giving away personal invitations among their own social networks. The next destination for the company will be Pune due to massive youth population and large number of student presence as per Sahil.

Talking about the monetization model, he said that currently the startup is self funded. However, in future they are looking forward for revenue model involving social commerce, rather than traditional advertising based model.

A few months back, another such startup of Indian origin, was heard in news who claimed to add more than three million users every month, thereby challenging Facebook’s market share in India. The site organizes online competitions, which allow users to win cash. The startup then went into much controversies over its valuations and popularity among Indian users. However, the initiative of  seems good but whether it would be able to take over the popularity of Facebook, the time would tell.

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  1. 1

    There is nothing special about this site. Another copy of facebook. waste of time.
    you people need to come up with something special like twitter did. Stop copying myspace and facebook

  2. 2

    Congratulations. It is great to see our own country’s Vebbler taking a stand in Social Networking. Sahil Bhagat, you’ve come up with an clear & clean interface which is what required for our youngsters. We all 1.2 Billion People appreciate you for the country and wont sell your at any cost. Time has come again & lets work together for INDIA!

  3. 3
    • 4 is unique and it is indian origin social site.And launched by 16 years old from North India must try and it is unique nothing is like fb on crokes

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