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TrueAnthem – helping publishers track online content raises USD 2.6mn funding from Crunchfund and others

trueAnthemTrueAnthem a San Francisco, CA based research firm that helps publishers to track the viral spread of their shared content on social networks has raised $2.6 million from CrunchFund – a Core Ventures Group, and private investors. Trueanthem earlier raised $2 million in series A funding.

The analytics that TrueAnthem provides with its patented technology helps marketers, advertisers and publishers to amplify the power of social sharing as it tracks the virality of any shared content in real time and thus help brands to take suitable action to grow audience, engagement – and thus drive revenue.

Given the high reliability for its social sharing metric that allows publishers to compare engagement across multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – TrueAnthem has managed to include companies like Fox, Nestle and even Yahoo to its clientele list.

Started in 2008 as a social engagement booster for music content only – the company pivoted about one and a half year ago – and started offering its service to a more bigger market.

As always analytics seem to be a hot topic this week as another startup offering analytic services ‘Heap’ has also raised $2mn.

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