Now share links while browsing on your phone to your web browser with Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser

PhoneToChromePhone 2 Google Chrome™, a mobile browser app by LGZ which allows users to send any link via their android device to the Google Chrome™ browser on their laptops – indeed a very handy option for those who are fond of browsing while on the go.

The app allow users to save the url of a web page on their phone and continue browsing through their laptop. It directly sends the link, that the user was browsing on the Google Chrome™ browser – from a mobile device to laptop.

To use this app one has to install a chrome extension and have a Dropbox account. The app sends a link and then creates a file directly to one’s Dropbox file manager at Dropbox/phone2chrome/pages. However, the user would have to connect their device to their laptop once, so that Google Chrome™ browser recognizes your device and the app will do rest of the work.

The user needs to have a Dropbox account in order to login and view their Dropbox pages and messages, which almost everyone is already using these days.

So, anyone who browses the internet while travelling and come across any important information on a particular website that they would want to save, ‘Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser’ would save them from all the hassles of copy pasting the links which seems very tiring. Now all they have to do is use menu or long press on the url and then select the option share link with Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser and it will automatically save the link in their Dropbox account. They can view the link anytime on their laptop; they just need to open Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser extension in their Google Chrome™ browser. It is as simple as that.

It requires android 2.1 or higher.

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