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One-to-One text by AJ Square Inc, a new SaaS based chat tool for customer support

Onetoonetext (1)It often happens that while making purchase online, a customer visits website a number of time thinking whether to make purchase or not? With this there are a number of questions pondering over his mind at that point of time and he wants to be sure whatever he is purchasing is right or not. Usually it happens that these questions go unanswered and the customer leaves the web-store without making any purchase!

Simply, a loss for a web-store because despite of providing all information about the products and doing healthy promotions if the product goes unsold due to some un-answered customer questions, that sounds hilarious.

It’s an accepted fact that in today’s automated world the ability to chat with a live person through a website is a standout feature and by adding a Live Help to business website allows companies to decrease customer service response time and increase customer satisfaction.

Live chat feature is somehow popular among few businesses, where a pop up window appears and a company’s executive assists the customer on their sites, even a number of ecommerce sites too have used this feature to assist their customers when they log on to their stores, which not only helps in sales but also build a healthy relation with the customer.

US Registered Web Development Firm, AJ Square Inc in collaboration with GraceSoft, has launched a new SaaS product One-to-One-Text (OTOT), Multi-operator LIVE Chat Application that allows companies to introduce a LIVE CHAT feature on their website.

The company had made the installation of the feature quite a simple for the businesses which requires no development or extra skills, they just need to register and insert a HTML into the website, install operator tool and they can start OnetoOnetext visitor support. Also, as it’s a hosted system thus business doesn’t have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage or system upgrades.

How it works

When a company’s agent receive a OnetoOnetext requests, Smarter Track suggests solutions from relevant knowledge base articles and ticket resolutions, thus reduces research & response time.

A single chat operator can handle multiple visitors and operator details, it works similar to chatting on Gtalk or any other chat app i.e. it provides a real time status update about what a particular visitor is doing eg.- “XYZ is typing”, “new message received.”

It also allows to send the transcripts of all chats handled. Also, it has a Operator-to-operator and a chat conferencing feature.

OnetoOnetext code can be used on multiple websites of a same company and the visitor’s chat can be assigned to different departments, depending on information requested in the chat registration form.

Additional Features

1) The app features are not only limited to provide live chat solutions but to add on it has a real-time visitor monitoring feature which instantly tracks visitors details such as the IP, Country, Time duration, Browser details, Operating System Details,Current page, Hits, etc. Getting all these details can help the companies in marketing as well.

2) Co-Browser: By use of this feature, a operator can follow visitors as they navigate through the website.

3) Search Visitor: It helps operators to Search visitor by IP, by country, by current page thus narrow down search from a large number of visitors.

4) Grid Setting: This tool can be used to control and filter display of visitor details.

Few other features include: chat history reporting delivered by email, total visitor count in site, offline visitor email messages, Online visitor statistics report, etc.

Also, it is soon going to add few more features to the current offering which will include file attachment, multiple profiles support, web-based agent operator interface and more.

Businesses can choose from 4 plans that it has kept depending upon their needs which starts from basic one month plan for USD 10 to Enterprise plan for 12 months costing upto USD 60.

Currently the app is only available for Mac and Windows.

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