Now get motion sensing features in your Android phone with Air Call Accept app

air-call-acceptMotion sensing features are exclusively available on Samsung smartphones on their Touch Wiz Interface and we all know how Samsung Galaxy S4’s users brag about this feature, browsing through galleries by waving their hand, taking screenshots with a flick of the wrist and waving their hand to answer a call.

It is one of the few reasons why people tend to choose Samsung over others, but not anymore!

A US based developing company, Nectarine aka has come up with Air Call Accept, an app that provides motion sensing feature on almost all Android devices.

How-to-Turn-on-Air-call-AcceptNow every Android user can take the perks of enjoying the motion sensing feature. The app uses the proximity sensor of your device to detect when you wave your hand over the screen or when you bring it close to your ear, to answer your calls.

Air Call-Accept also gives the option to put up a home screen widget which functions as a toggle button and the user can easily enable or disable the service.

After checking out the app, we didn’t face any trouble, as it didn’t answer the call automatically when the phone was in the pocket. Although it doesn’t have any option to change the sensitivity of the sensors but it worked smoothly and did what it was developed for.This app would definitely be a plus for non-Samsung Smartphones and help them to balance out with Samsung’s Technology to some extent.

As a conclusion, we can say, Air Call Accept is the best Android app in the market right now that can mimic the S4 Air Gesture feature on other Android devices.

The free version of this app only allows the user to answer the calls whereas the paid version lets the user to reject a call, put it on speaker or reject with a text message. Both free and paid versions are available on Google play Store.

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